I offer intuitive watercolour energy painting commission for yourself, friend or family member with their unique soul's energy imprint. The commission painting also could be about the special place that is dear to your heart.  

Prior to start commission painting I meditate and connect with person's or place's energy to receive insight, information, message and image for creation of the custom painting.

If you are interested in such experience and artwork, please read following description of the whole process. 

The commissioning process

The whole process of creating special and unique artwork for you follows the  specific steps:

Step 1: Enquiry

Please contact me with your wish regarding the commission painting. If you are willing to have painting for yourself then provide short description - why you would like to have it and what are your expectations. If you are willing to order painting for someone else or about specific physical place then please provide the short description why you want such painting and why the person or place is close to your heart. If it is possible please provide some photos as well.

Step 2: Clarification and agreement

I will tune in your subject “to ask my heart” for permission to complete this work. Sometimes the answer is “no” and then we can not proceed any further. But usually it is - “yes”.

I will send you a quote and possible dates to complete the commission. Please note that there could be waiting list for commissions depending on my schedule. I have up to two available spaces for commissioned work per month.

Once you are ready to schedule commission - it will require prior 10% non refundable payment to keep the space. I will send an email invoice including details of how to pay (payment is through PayPal which accepts all major credit cards).

Once the date of commission starts - you pay addition non refundable 40% (so total 50% - first half of commission cost except shipping) to start my work. I will send you reminder e-mail to notify about this next payment.

If it happens that I can start commission work immediately and you are ready for it then I start my work after you pay first half (50%, non refundable) of commission in one payment.

Advance payment 50% of commission work is not refundable even in unlikely event that you do not like the final painting and you decide not to buy it.

Step 3: Process of creating soul art

It usually takes at least three to five weeks to complete the painting. There is no advance sketching process as I work directly with colours on paper. 

For commission work I paint only on Arches paper and its dimensions are approximately 75 x 55 cm.

If you express a wish I will send you photos of layers I create during my painting process. I do not accept any requests or suggestions from you during painting process or how the artwork should look like. It is my pure intuitive artwork and reflects energy imprint of the subject how I see and feel it. 

Step 4: Approval

When the painting is finished I will send you a photo of painting by email for approval, and details of the residual cost including shipping options. Assuming you like the created painting, I will send the final email invoice. 

If for some reasons you do not like (not in my experience) the created artwork then you are not required to pay the rest of commission fee but in that case I keep the original artwork and your paid non refundable commission advance.

Step 5: Final payment and delivery 

Once final payment is received the painting (without framing) will be carefully packaged and promptly shipped to you. I will send you an email to let you know that it is on its way. I use only shipping options that provide tracking possibility so you can follow the way how painting arrives at your address.

For the moment my commission artwork fee is EUR 700. You may expect  that fee will increase in future. Shipping costs and eventual taxes (depending where are you living) are additional to commission fee.

All copyrights of commissioned art remains with me, however I will not create any printed editions or use them in any way except as examples of commissioned artwork on my website. 

All rights remain with me (artist). When someone purchases art it does not mean the purchaser has full control or the rights to what they are buying. Some clients have purchased limited licensing rights and used their commissioned artwork for their own business cards, promotional materials, book or cd cover design.

Some Examples

Commission work: Florescence

The commission of soul painting for our family friend's 50 years anniversary. While connecting to the subtle energy fields and soul's essence  of our friend I received this radiant image of water-lilly as the symbol for flowering consciousness.



Commission work: Meeting place of generations

Special gift for my parents marriage anniversary. I meditated about memories of my childhood, relationships with my parents and received inspiration image from the place where we went together on the hiking trip to Caucasus Mountains when I was 7 years old.When I finished the painting I realised that feeling and diving deeper into colours of this artwork  creates natural ease in understanding between people of different generations and mindsets. 

The Meeting Place Of Generations






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